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A Brief History of the New Age

Many people think the New Age started sometime in the 60s with the hippies, “The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius” and all that. However, the ideas really began to formally appear on the world stage at the beginning of the 20th century. Here are a few highlights relevant to the ideas discussed here.

With “The Game of Life and How to Play It” published in 1908, Florence Scovil Shinn postulated in a very specific way that it was an individual’s attitude which largely determined their experience. She was one of the first people to gain notoriety with the power of positive thinking. As a reflection of what was acceptable to the masses at the time; much of her writing references Bible scripture to reinforce her ideas.

In 1927 Earnest Holmes formed the Church of Religious Science. One of the first metaphysical organizations structured like a traditional church. Although the Bible is used for reference, they also purposely reference the writings of other philosophies. Overall, there is a strong emphasis on the divinity of the individual. One of their catch phrases says “Jesus is the great example, not the great exception”.

In 1974 Jane Roberts published “The Nature of Personal Reality” and the phrase “You create your own reality” entered the mass lexicon. She is rightly considered the pioneer of modern channeling. Her own work apart from Seth provides valuable insight into the human experience. She was a trailblazer who really did go where no one had gone before.

The concepts and the jargon associated with these ideas have become common. Many people understand the idea of positive thinking and the practical aspect of maintaining that state of mind. But considering the idea that our thoughts are vibration which literally affects things like the weather is a bit too much of a leap for most people.  Those kinds of concepts seem to delve into sparkly unicorn thinking.

However, once you understand the basics of the Law of Attraction and using the Now to affect your vibrational output, you begin developing your own empirical experience. You begin to experience things like coincidences that are timed just too perfectly, and the corresponding visceral sensations that tell you in your gut there is something to it. And ultimately, that is all that matters. No one can prove to you that you create your reality except you.

The information overload and the paradoxes of the modern world can seem quite chaotic and negative too often. When you understand how each moment offers a choice between a thought that expands or a thought that contracts, you learn to feel your way more and try to figure things out less. Focusing on music, words, and images that are uplifting to you is a sure way to cultivate a sense of well-being. Focusing on the outcome and not the problem.

As Lazaris states, the New Age is ultimately not about a timeline, but a state of mind or a perception of the world. This perspective has always been around and has been demonstrated by the various spiritual masters throughout history. This time period in our history is called The Great Awakening because many people are getting this idea and demonstrating it in their own lives.

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