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The Grimoire: Your Book of Magic Spells

A grimoire is defined as a book of magic spells. They are the workbooks for those who practiced witchcraft and wizardry, metaphysics and alchemy. A journal for experimenting and recording experiences beyond the realms of the known physical dimension.

The modern equal to a book of spells is the smart phone or tablet. These powerful tools hold enormous amounts of information. The average smart phone on the market has more memory than the room size computers that enabled us to go to the moon. There are literally millions of applications that can be stored and accessed. People can actually carry small libraries worth of books and take up only a small fraction of the storage. While music and media take up a bit more, the technology that enables greater amounts of information to be stored in smaller and smaller devices continues to evolve in consistently astonishing ways.

I find it very easy to call this technology magical, because As Author C. Clark said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Most people, myself included, understand very little of the science behind modern electronics and computers. Some of our gadgets have even surpassed the science fiction of our childhood.

With this idea in mind, we urge everyone to use their smart devices to enhance your spiritual journey. To keep some ready tools available when the spirit moves you. These devices have incredible potential, use them with intention.

If you don’t have books on your device, we recommend you carry at least a few of your favorite spiritually uplifting readings. Fiction or nonfiction doesn’t matter, the emotional payoff is what you are focusing on. Reading material that enlightens and delights you.

It is useful to have a writing application as well. It is easier to write your thoughts as soon as they occur when you carry a word processor on your phone.

One of the most common things people have on their devices is music. For many, it is one of the main functions of the device besides communication. It is interesting that one definition of the word spell is a magical incantation and another is an undefined unit of time. Often when people listen to music, they have a perception of time being suspended. Many popular songs are catchy and easy to memorize quickly.






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