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Your Emotions are the GPS to your Well Being

                This premise is profound in its simplicity. The better you feel on any subject the closer you are to Source on all subjects because in the Now your prominent thoughts are lining up with Source. So as you move through time on …

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The Point of Power is Now

                Seth devotes a lot of time to this. What is interesting is that now represents a point in time that is never defined by a specific time, because the moment it is identified it passes to a new now moment point in …

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The Grimoire: Your Book of Magic Spells

                A grimoire is defined as a book of magic spells. They are the workbooks for those who practiced witchcraft and wizardry, metaphysics and alchemy. A journal for experimenting and recording experiences beyond the realms of the known physical dimension. The modern equal to …

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The Basics

This series of posts will introduce what are considered the more basic concepts involved with the hypothesis that we create our reality individually and collectively. Like any field of endeavor, whether body building or collecting model trains, there are always new concepts and jargon that come with the learning. As …

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