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About us

Welcome to Bonafide Magic. This is a place for those who share in the idea that we create our reality individually as well as collectively, on the physical level as well as the metaphysical. We are here to encourage people to take a more active role to create joy in their lives. We explore the teachings of many schools of thought and consciousness. We pass on the best ideas we gather. We are interested in channeled material including Seth, Lazaris, Abraham, and others, focusing on those who encourage self-empowerment and the beauty of diversity. We refer to the media as the World Stage and use it to gauge the emotional set point of the mass consciousness. We believe that many of the basic principles of creating your reality are provable experimentally by a person who approaches the material with an open mind and scientific curiosity. It is our desire that this website will be mutually enriching to our collective spiritual journey together through time and space.